About Webshell



Webshell is a tool that gives access to SSH servers using a regular browser. These tools are usually created in JavaScript/Ajax or JavaScript/WebSockets, and consist of two parts:

  • User side – websites created in JavaScript or HTML, which are used to read user input, send it to a server, receive the server’s response, and render results to the user.
  • Server Side – processes requests received from the user and transmits it to SSH server and also accepts server responses and transmits them to the user.


Webshell advantages:

  • No additional installations are necessary, as a regular browser is sufficient;
  • It’s possible to bypass firewall or proxy server rules limiting internet access;
  • Only the Webshell’s IP address is transferred to the SSH server, the user’s IP is hidden, which allows anonymity;
  • Possibility to record logs of communication with SSH server.

When using the Webshell tool, it is important to ensure that queries are executed with a secure HTTPS protocol, otherwise all data transferred to the server may be intercepted and used for malicious purposes.