Avast SafePrice

What is Avast SafePrice

Avast SafePrice is a legitimate online shopping helper tool developed by anti-virus vendor Avast. However, despite it being legitimate, users sometimes refer to it as a virus or adware. Avast SafePrice is certainly not a virus, though it does carry some features users associate with adware.

Avast SafePrice

Avast SafePrice is a browser plug-in that helps users save money when shopping online by showing deals, better prices and coupons. However, if you don’t have any plans to shop, the extension can get annoying very quickly. You’ll be constantly shown ads for products, bombarded with all kinds of coupons, etc., when browsing. Not many people appreciate ads, so it’s doubtful that many people legitimately use shopping extensions.

If you installed the extension without realising, there is no reason why you shouldn’t just delete Avast SafePrice. It’s possible you did not even notice it installing because it comes bundled with Avast programs. The following section of the report will explain how you can avoid installing bundled programs. And at the very end of the report, we will show you how to uninstall the extension.

How does Avast SafePrice install

Since it’s a legitimate extensions, you can get it from browser extension stores, as well as the official Avast website. However, it also seems to come bundled with Avast programs. Software bundling is essentially adding programs to other programs. It’s pretty common and most free programs come with additional offers attached. Though in many cases, the attached offers are infections like browser hijackers, adware and potentially unwanted programs.

The extra offers are optional but are usually hidden from users. If users do not deselect them, they will install alongside the program. When installing programs in the future, make sure you opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. If you choose Default, the offers will be hidden from you. Advanced, on the other hand, will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. We always recommend unchecking all boxes, even if the offers may seem useful at first.

If you don’t want to clutter your computer with junk programs you’re not going to use, you need to pay attention to how you install programs, how you do it, and where you get them from.

Should you uninstall Avast SafePrice?

Avast SafePrice is a shopping extension that’s supposed to help you shop online and save money. It will find you good deals when you’re trying to purchase something, will give you coupons and compare prices with other vendors. It’s a legitimate extension so it is safe to use. It will probably be even useful and actually help you save money.

However, if you did not install it knowingly, it will only be annoying since you’ll constantly see ads. The extension can attach itself to browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. You’ll be shown ads advertising deals, be given coupons and redirected to stores with better prices.

While the extension is legitimate, it still collects certain information about. It will track your searches, what sites you visit, browser and computer information, as well as the country/language. It’s not exactly personal information but if you are concerned about privacy, Avast SafePrice may not be for you.

Avast SafePrice removal

If you have decided you have no use of Avast SafePrice or if it installed without you noticing, you can easily delete Avast SafePrice. The process is very simple since the extension is legitimate. Simply go to your extension settings and remove Avast SafePrice.

For Safari:

  1. Open Safari, click on Safari from the menu bar at the top, select Preferences.
  2. Navigate to the Extensions tab, find and remove Avast SafePrice.

For Mozilla Firefox: 

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, open the menu (the three bars top right corner), press on Add-ons.
  2. In Extensions, find and remove Avast SafePrice.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome, open the menu (the three bars top right corner), press on Tools and then Extensions.
  2. In Extensions, find and remove Avast SafePrice.

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer, press on the gear icon to open menu (top right corner), click on Manage add-ons.
  2. In Toolbars and Extensions, find and remove Avast SafePrice.