How to stop Google from tracking you

If you’re looking for information on how to stop Google from tracking you and delete the data it has about you, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to check and delete your data, and prevent Google from collecting more of it.


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It will likely not come as a shock to you or anyone else that tech giant Google collects information about its users. The amount of data it has about its users is rather alarming, as it records search history, location, voice searches, YouTube search and watch history, etc. The data is collected to allow Google to improve its services and show you customized ads. If you’ve been using Google for years, it’s scary to consider just how much data it has about you. However, the good news is that you can turn off Google data collection.

How to check the information Google has about you

All your information can be accessed via Google Account -> Data & personalisation.

  • You can review all information Google has about you in My Google activity. Activity is categorised by day so you can check specifically what you did on a certain day.
  • If your location history is on, you can check where you’ve been in your Timeline. Your location is logged whenever you use Google maps, connect to WiFi, etc., on an Android phone.
  • In you have ad personalisation turned on, you check what kind of ads has Google generated for you based on your Google activity.


This kind of data collection should be more worrisome than useful. Thus, you should carefully review what kind of information Google collects about you and whether you should allow it. Particularly, you should stop Google from tracking your location.

How to turn off Google data collection

Google allows you to opt out of data collection for ad personalisation.

  • If you want to opt out, go to Data & personalisation -> Activity Controls -> Manage your activity controls. Pause everything. Pausing means Google will not use that information to make customized ads.


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How to delete data Google has collected about you

If you are concerned about your privacy, you will want to delete the data Google has collected about you. You can delete one entry, or your entire history.

  • In My Activity, find what you want to delete, press the three dots and select Delete. This is for deleting individual entries. If you wish to delete larger amount or your entire activity, select Delete activity by. You can delete by topic or product, and by date.


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