How to uninstall Energy adware

Energy is a generic adware infection. It’s not a serious malware infection that can cause severe damage to a computer. Instead, it will spam you with advertisements in order to generate revenue. This makes adware quite annoying to deal with, even if it’s not particularly dangerous. It can install using the software bundling method (aka without explicit permission), will spam you with intrusive ads, and will track your browsing in order to collect information. It has no redeemable features so there is no reason why you would want to keep it installed. The sooner you remove Energy adware from your computer, the better.




Energy adware will be a very noticeable infection because you will be spammed with ads. Once the adware has attached itself to your browser, intrusive ads will bombard you on every site you visit. It will get very annoying very quickly because your browsing will be interrupted quite severely. You will see pop-up ads, banners, the usual ads, and even be redirected to questionable websites. It’s worth mentioning that while adware itself isn’t particularly dangerous, its ads are a different story. You could be exposed to malicious content and various scams. The adware may show you giveaway scams, tech-support scams, as well as fake virus alerts that promote questionable software. It may try to trick you into downloading something malicious by showing alerts claiming your computer is infected with something, or it may push tech-support scams that ask you to call certain phone numbers.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that in addition to all the ads, the adware will also track your browsing in order to collect certain information. To be more specific, the adware will record what sites you visit, what you search for, what kind of content you interact with, your IP address, etc. It doesn’t collect personal information but there still is no reason to put up with any kind of data collection from adware. Especially considering that the collected information will be shared with third parties as well.

If you notice that the adware is installed on your computer, remove Energy adware. It won’t directly harm your computer but there is no reason to put up with it. It would be easiest to delete Energy adware using anti-virus software because the program will take care of everything.

How does adware install?

Adware and similar infections can be hidden in deceptive advertisements and bogus virus/update alerts. Certain high-risk websites spam these kinds of ads, making it risky to visit them without an adblocker. Never click on any of the flashing virus warnings that are displayed on websites that have pirated or pornographic content because doing so could lead to a serious malware infection.

Another possibility is that you came across Energy adware being advertised as some kind of useful extension/program. We advise researching programs before installing them in the future if you installed Energy adware yourself, thinking it would somehow benefit you. Oftentimes, a simple search with Google or another legitimate search engine is enough to determine whether a program is safe and if it will be of any use.

Adware infections like Energy adware are also installed using the software bundling method. Adware, browser hijackers, and potentially unwanted programs are bundled with free software as extra offers in what’s known as the software bundling method. These offers are configured to install automatically alongside the program without needing permission. Programs that install in this way are typically flagged as potential threats by many anti-virus software. If you learn to install free software correctly, you will be able to stop these unwanted installations in the future.

Although the offers are optional, you must manually deselect them to prevent their installation. This shouldn’t be a problem if you know how to install free software correctly. When given the choice, select Advanced (Custom) settings during freeware installation. All added offers will be concealed and allowed to install alongside if you choose to use Default settings, which the installation window will recommend. If you choose Advanced settings, the additional offers will all be made visible. You will be given the option to deselect all of them. Keep in mind that no legitimate program will ever attempt to install using the software bundling method so you should always deselect all offers. Otherwise, you will fill your computer with garbage programs that can be difficult to get rid of once installed.

Energy adware removal

Adware isn’t a particularly serious infection so you can remove Energy adware both manually and using anti-virus software. Though adware can be quite persistent so it would be much easier to use anti-virus software to uninstall Energy adware from your computer. But while the process would be a little tedious and take more time, it’s possible to delete Energy adware manually. Once the adware is no longer present, you will stop seeing the additional intrusive ads.

Energy adware detections