Remove Shield for Safari

About Shield for Safari

Shield for Safari is a fraudulent program that claims to be official Apple software. This program is advertised by questionable advertisements that claim installing it would be beneficial as it would protect from hacks and data theft, even going as far as to say that not installing the program would be putting your Apple device at risk. Downloading the program is not recommended because it’s unlikely to be anything safe.

shield for safari

Ads advertising these kinds of shady programs are usually encountered on websites hosting adult or pirated content, sports betting, etc. As long as you do not visit those sites without an adblock that blocks pop-ups, you should be fine. However, if you are seeing the ads when visiting regular, normally safe websites, you might have an adware installed.

Shield for Safari seems to be mainly advertised for iOS so you will encounter the ads when on your iPhone or iPad. If the ads advertising the program are constantly popping up, you probably have a questionable app installed. We strongly suggest going through your installed apps and removing any suspicious ones.

How is Shield for Safari advertised

Like we said above, the program is advertised via questionable, deceptive advertisements that you encounter when browsing certain sites. The ads will usually appear when you’re visiting sites hosting not exactly legal content, like pirated films, TV series, books, etc. You can also encounter them on pornographic or gambling pages. The ads themselves shouldn’t be malicious, as long as you don’t interact with them. If you do get a pop-up or redirect, simply close the tab. Do not download the program.

If you are constantly seeing the ads and they’re popping up wherever you go, an app on your device might be causing them. The apps responsible for such ads are usually free games, simple utilities, etc. Check what apps you have installed and delete ones you are not using, or ones that cause suspicion.

Should you install Shield for Safari?

The ads promoting Shield for Safari may try to convince you that the app is Apple official. It’s not. One particular ad we have seen on an iPad claims that because of a recent hacking of Safari on iPad devices, the app is now recommended to be installed on all Apple devices. The ad also gives instructions on how to install the app onto your device, and claims that if you don’t install it, your personal and banking information will be at risk.

The app is advertised as a security app for Safari and it will supposedly protect you from phishing and other dangerous sites, secure your personal and banking data and overall, make your browsing safer. While it may sound good, the app is nothing more than a pest. Once installed, it will likely change your settings, show you more ads, and expose you to questionable content. If may even try to convince you to pay for the program. Overall, we do not recommend installing it. If you have installed it already, you should remove Shield for Safari.

Shield for Safari removal

If it’s too late to warn you and the app is already installed, you should delete Shield for Safari. It shouldn’t be too difficult to do that. Simply uninstall the app as usual and check your settings for any leftovers.