Remove Trojan.Filecoder


Vulnerable computer systems and applications:

Windows OS.


Trojan.Filecoder is a malicious software code, also known as a Trojan. Trojan.Filecoder belongs to a family of file-encrypting ransomware infections. When it gets into your computer, it encrypts files. In order to decrypt the files, victims are asked to pay a certain amount of money. It also collects information about the user and the infected system, which it then sends to attackers. It gets into the computer via email attachments, or it can be downloaded by other malware.

If Trojan.Filecoder encrypts your files, the chances of decrypting them for free are pretty low. Thus, the best way to avoid this kind of situation is to regularly back up your files and have reliable anti-virus software running on your computer.


  • Install or update used device protection systems;
  • Scan your computer with an anti-virus program;
  • Install operating system and application updates;
  • Do not click on suspicious links in emails and websites.