UpgradeSearchSystem is an adware program

UpgradeSearchSystem comes from a family of adware programs targeting Mac computers. It’s identical to PanelStart, UpgradeIdeas and many other adware. While such programs are advertised as useful browsing extensions, they’re simply computer pests that display ads. Adware isn’t exactly the most dangerous computer infection because it doesn’t directly damage it, but it’s often underestimated how troublesome it can be. From the moment adware is installed, it starts showing ads and redirecting to weird websites. The ads and redirects are often questionable and can expose users to scams and dangerous content. Users can be tricked into installing malware, or falling for scams. And because it can be difficult to differentiate between regular and adware ads, we strongly recommend avoiding any interaction with them until you delete UpgradeSearchSystem.


There are a couple of ways this adware could have installed, and we will explain in the following section of the report. But in short, you either downloaded a fake update, or the adware was attached to free software as an extra offer.

How does adware install

Adware usually sneaks into the computer but it cannot install without permission. However, most users unknowingly grant that permission. Adware can come attached to free software as a hidden extra offer, and would install alongside without users even being aware of it, which is why most users are taken by surprise when they notice it. To prevent these unwanted installations, it’s important to pay attention when installing freeware. By paying attention, we mean actually following the process, or at least picking Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default when given the option. Advanced settings will make all offers visible, and users will be able to deselect all of them. It’s recommended to always deselect the offers because they will rarely be anything useful.

It’s also possible you were tricked into downloading it. It’s not uncommon for adware to be disguised as an update for Flash or other programs in order to trick users into installing useless or malicious applications. Less tech-savvy users may not realize that legitimate updates are not pushed via ads. For future reference, if you need to update something manually, make sure the update comes from a legitimate source, and not an advertisement.

Can UpgradeSearchSystem harm the computer

As soon as UpgradeSearchSystem installs, your browser (whether you’re using Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) will start displaying advertisements. The ads will appear in various forms, including regular ones, banners, pop-ups and redirects. The pop-ups and redirects will be particularly annoying because they appear out of the blue and advertise questionable things. Some of the ads could be trying to trick you into downloading something or falling for a scam. So even if adware itself is not an overly dangerous infections, the ads it generates can be dangerous. And since it can be difficult to differentiate between adware ads and legitimate ones, we suggest you avoid interacting with advertisements until you remove UpgradeSearchSystem.

UpgradeSearchSystem removal

While it is possible to uninstall UpgradeSearchSystem manually, it can take a while because you’d need to locate all related files yourself. Thus, it would be easier to use anti-spyware software as the program would do everything for you.