What is Conficker/Conflicker/Downadup


Vulnerable computer systems and applications:

Computers, service stations.


This computer worm uses the “MS08-067” Windows vulnerability. Although the patch was released by Microsoft in October 2008, not all system administrators have implemented this and other patches. The worm is able to spread through memory sticks (USB keys), external hard drives, and file sharing.

The worm also:

  • Disables important service and security programs: Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Update, etc.;
  • Sends files to your computer;
  • Does not allow access to certain websites, including those from which security tools can be downloaded.


Tools for inspection and removal:

The tools listed are basic programs that you just need to download and run.

  • Conficker Removal Tool;
  • Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool.



  • Install operating system and application updates;
  • Use strong passwords;
  • Have an antivirus program with a regularly updated database;
  • Disable the Windows AutoPlay/Autorun feature;
  • Be cautious when using your own and others’ USB sticks.