What is Downloader-Bot


Vulnerable computer systems and applications:

Windows OS.


Downloader-Bot is a trojan that enters a computer through infected webpages, spam, and bogus software. A trojan is difficult to detect because it hides by integrating itself into the operating system. When it infects a computer, Downloader-Bot tries to get administrator rights, and then attempts to download and install additional malware. If it succeeds, it then deletes the original files and replaces them with malware, making it difficult to detect it. The malware can be used to spy on you, to steal or delete your information. It can also be used to spread malware, spam, and for carrying out other malware attacks.


If the computer is damaged:

  • Scan the computer with anti-virus software;
  • Restore the registry by using System Restore.


  • Install or update used device protection systems;
  • Scan your computer with an anti-virus program;
  • Install operating system and application updates;
  • Do not click on suspicious links in emails, SMS and websites;
  • Use only trustworthy plugins and software.