What is Nivdort


Vulnerable computer systems and applications:

Windows OS.


Nivdort is a malicious software code, also known as a Trojan, which often enters users’ devices without their knowledge. Trojan horses can spread via malicious email attachments. Performs the following malicious activity on the infected device:

  • Steals personal data, logins to accounts, information stored in browser memory;
  • Downloads and installs other malware to the infected computer;
  • Modifies the Windows Hosts file;
  • Records programs and processes running on your computer;
  • Disables or changes computer’s security settings;
  • Modifies system registry key values;
  • Acts as a proxy server.


Recommendations in case of infection:

  • Scan the system with anti-virus software;
  • Use System Restore to restore the registry library and infected system files.