What is phishing



Phishing is a form of data theft that targets both individuals and organizations. It aims to steal account login information by sending users phishing emails or redirecting to fake websites.

In many cases, these kinds of attacks are directed towards bank clients in order to find out their online banking login or credit card information. Information obtained in this way can be used to commit criminal acts: illegal access to systems, money theft from accounts, or unauthorized payments on the Internet with stolen cards.

Users using electronic services should be careful of phishing attempts which may seem like legitimate:

  • Web pages providing email service (gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.);
  • Social media sites (Facebook, Instagram);
  • Popular foreign e-payment systems (Paypal);
  • Other popular websites.



  • Do not click on any suspicious links you receive in the email or see in websites;
  • Before you enter your login information, always make sure the site is legitimate. Check the domain name and links that are displayed on the site. Legitimate bank websites always use a secure SSL communication protocol, and the URL starts with https instead of http;
  • Keep in mind that banks never ask for or change your account’s online or payment card passwords via email or phone.