What is VNC



VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a computer remote control protocol. VNC software is noted for allowing computers running different operating systems to remotely connect to each other. VNC uses the RFB protocol, which operates on TCP ports ranging from 5900 to 5906 by default.

VNC traffic is not encrypted, allowing malicious parties to intercept data. In addition, easy-to-guess passwords and security vulnerabilities could allow malicious parties to take over devices.


  • Change passwords regularly;
  • Update internal device software;
  • Disable unused services on your device;
  • If the device is used solely on a local network, disable access to the device from the Internet, in general, or to ports on the TCP protocol 5900-5906;
  • If your device needs to be accessible from the Internet, limit its availability to IP addresses, IP networks, and countries.