Will Getmut Cleaner harm your computer

Getmut Cleaner is a potentially unwanted application (PUP) that’s marketed as a Windows system optimization tool. It is promoted as a program that will help devices run faster by removing unnecessary programs and files. It also promises to protect your personal data. But in reality, the program will display fake scan results in an effort to trick you into paying for the full version. We strongly recommend you remove Getmut Cleaner from your computer as soon as possible because even if does not appear to be outright malicious, it has no useful features.


Getmut Cleaner


Getmut Cleaner is marketed as a program that can supposedly speed up and enhance the performance of a computer. It supposedly accomplishes this by cleaning the drive, repairing problems, and eliminating large/temporary files. Although junk files sometimes unnecessarily take up space on a computer, removing them rarely affects how well a computer works. Therefore, the most the program can do for you is clear some space. It also claims to protect your personal data though, again, it’s doubtful it can or will do that.

When Getmut Cleaner is installed on a computer, it will start showing alerts that your computer needs to be scanned. If you do a scan using Getmut Cleaner, the program will show you fake scan results with hundreds of issues found. This is a common strategy used by PUP system optimizers since users are more likely to buy the full version when they see hundreds of issues on their devices. You will be required to first purchase the full version of the program before attempting to fix the issues that Getmut Cleaner has identified. It is not uncommon to request payment before users can use a tool, but Getmut Cleaner’s request for money is problematic because it displays fake scan results. Furthermore, it’s not clear how much the program costs because even the official website does not display the price and instead asks users to send an email to inquire about it.

Fortunately, Getmut Cleaner doesn’t seem to be a harmful program. However, we feel it’s important to warn you against using dubious system optimizers. PUP system optimization tools may unintentionally remove important files. Particularly system optimizers that have a registry cleaning feature. Microsoft itself advises against using software with this feature since it may result in major problems. Such programs could remove important registry entries, which could result in you needing to reinstall Windows.

Using Getmut Cleaner is not recommended. Anti-virus software detects Getmut Cleaner as a potential threat, therefore it’s recommended to uninstall it. There are numerous reliable system optimization tools for you to choose from. However, keep in mind that unless a system optimizer is used on a very old computer with significant performance issues brought on by a shortage of storage capacity, system optimization tools are rarely beneficial.

How did Getmut Cleaner install on your computer?

You may have downloaded and installed Getmut Cleaner yourself because you thought it would be a helpful tool for system optimization. Particularly on third-party download sites, these kinds of programs are often marketed as useful tools. If you installed Getmut Cleaner yourself, we recommend doing more research before installing programs in the future. In many cases, even a simple Google search is enough.

Free software bundling can also be used to install PUPs like Getmut Cleaner. It’s an installation technique that essentially permits unwanted apps to install without explicit permission. This makes the method extremely controversial, and programs that use it are frequently flagged as potential threats by anti-virus software. But because it makes it possible for the unwanted programs they create to spread farther, it’s a preferred technique among those who develop unwanted programs.

Adware, browser hijackers, and other similar infections are added to free software as extra offers in a method known as software bundling. These offers are permitted to be installed automatically together with the program to which they are attached. Although the offers are technically optional, users must manually deselect them in order to stop them from installing. But the offers are initially hidden, which prevents many users from being able to deselect them.

You can avoid these unwanted installations by properly installing free software. You must select Advanced (Custom) options instead of Default in order to correctly install free programs. Although the installation window may advise using the Default settings, doing so will allow the installation of all additional offers. All offers will be made visible and available for deselection if you select Advanced options. You only need to uncheck the boxes next to those offers. Even if some offers appear useful at first, do not allow any of them to install.

Should you uninstall Getmut Cleaner?

We recommend you use anti-virus software to uninstall Getmut Cleaner from your computer. Getmut Cleaner can be removed manually, although doing so may be a time-consuming and difficult task. Utilizing an anti-virus program would be much simpler and safer. Plenty of anti-virus programs detect and remove Getmut Cleaner.

Getmut Cleaner’s installer is detected as:

  • Win32:PWSX-gen [Trj] by AVast/AVG
  • Trojan.GenericKD.49026290 by BitDefender
  • Trojan.GenericKD.49026290 (B) by Emsisoft
  • Trojan-Banker.Win32.Passteal.ph by Kaspersky
  • Trojan:Win32/Floxif.AV!MTB by Microsoft
  • Artemis!93E23E5BED55 by McAfee
  • TrojanSpy.Win32.REDLINE.YXCEMZ by TrendMicro
  • Spyware.FFDroider by Malwarebytes

Getmut Cleaner installer detections