What is Winner Download Manager

What is Winner Download Manager?

Winner Download Manager belongs to Winner Solution LLC and is promoted as a tool that can help you download files using torrent from various file-hosting domains. It is supposed to increase the speed of your downloads, however, its real goal is to expose you to as many adverts as possible as that is how its developers make profit. The app falls into the advertising-supported and potentially unwanted software category. It floods users with advertisements, lowers their online security level, and slows down their browsing. If you are not willing to tolerate these symptoms, you should delete Winner Download Manager from your PC.

Winner Download Manager

How does Winner Download Manager work?

It has been reported that users who acquire the program (usually accidentally) do not let it stay on their computer for long and uninstall Winner Download Manager without hesitation. This is not surprising as the application comes with major drawbacks that affect daily online activities in a very negative way. It inserts banners, pop-ups, links, and other types of ads into your visited sites. It may also alter your browser settings like your home page or search engine and reroute you to its sponsor domains at random. All of these actions undoubtedly lower your online security as the content that the application exposes you to is not verified by anyone and can easily be fake. We advise against interacting with random ads that the software presents you with so as not to infect your PC with more serious threats or suffer financial losses on bogus shopping websites.

In addition to the already mentioned issues, the app can also track your cookies collecting information about your online habits and selling it to third parties. As we have already mentioned, you have to reason to allow the adware to continue disrupting your browsing, which is why you should terminate Winner Download Manager.

How to remove Winner Download Manager?

As adware is not malicious, Winner Download Manager removal is not that complicated. You can uninstall Winner Download Manager manually or you can go with the more effective option and delete Winner Download Manager automatically. If you choose manual removal, the step-by-step instructions are provided below. If, on the other hand, you decide to not only eliminate Winner Download Manager, but also make sure that your computer is safe from other threats, you should choose the automatic solution instead. In order to remove Winner Download Manager automatically, you will need to implement an anti-malware utility. The anti-malware tool presented on our page can help you clean your system from all parasites including more serious Internet-based infections like Trojans, worms, rootkits, malware, and more.